The Mull families (MF) website has changed since it's basic inception in 2004. What started as a family venture, expanded to include all families with a connection to Mull. Around 2018 it was decided to also include families of Tyree & Coll.

The biggest and best change was the introduction in 2010 of TNG software to run the site. This allows all data to be contained in a database with pages produced on demand. Prior to this, all pages were .html (as this one is), but it meant having thousands of pages which became impossible to maintain. With TNG, pages are created "on the fly" i.e. by inputing search data and getting a result. The pages are dynamic .php and not static .html.

At the time of writing, the MF database has over 110,000 names and almost 6000 media items. As of this year (2021), a secondary database has been created in order to accommodate the new Census Search feature.  At present, only parts of the 1779 Estates and 1841 Census are available for searching, but eventually all records will be added (1716-1921). This will take considerable time  to complete.

MF prides itself with the accuracy of it's data, and we ask our members to submit any information with covering proof i.e. BDMs / OPRs etc.. The site membership is now 260+

Donations are used to cover software and hosting costs, but they are also used to license photographs and for the purchase of official records.