Logging In

As with registering, logging in to MF is from the main TNG page. We will now take a look at that page from the top. The MF site is titled MULL FAMILIES with a subtitle of "for Mull, Tiree and Coll genealogy". 

Also in the header are four handy links. The first two "COLL" and "TIREE" are links to to two excellent independent websites run by Flo, who is our go-to expert for those islands. The latter two links "HELP PAGES" (takes you back here), and  "CENSUS SEARCH" our latest feature which will have it's own help page link.

Just below the pic of Tobermory, there is a welcome paragraph followed by the register one. Between the two are the "Log In" and "Register for a User Account" links. After clicking on the Log In link, enter your Username and Password (case sensitive). The Search box to the right is NOT where to log in from.

The next section contains the Donorbox Donate button and a "surname cloud". The larger the name, the more of that name is in the database, and the names are hyperlinked to their respective "search name" pages.


The last section of this main page contains the site links to Other Features e.g. What's New / Places / Histories / Videos etc..

After you have logged in, you can scroll down to here and choose where to go on site.